What makes Tijuana every U.S. backpacker’s dream destination

To easily escape into the colorful Mexican world, the first place that comes in our mind is the border city of Tijuana. It is, after all, less than an hour drive from the US city of San Diego. Trust us! Once you book a low-cost flight here, you will be intrigued to see a bustling vibrancy of Tijuana at the markets, the delicious local gastronomy, and interesting tourist attractions. The city offers tons of hostels and excellent street food, and they all come at comfort to the wallet prices. Apart from the mystifying cultural lifestyle at the city, you can also drive few miles off the city radar and curl your toes in the sandy shores of the Playas de Tijuana beach and sip a cooler while soaking at the expansive ocean view. These are some of the likable reasons why this city is backpacker’s dream destination from the U.S.

It is hardly a few minutes from San Diego

The thriving city of Tijuana is one of Mexico’s major metropolis destinations, and since it can be reached under an hour from San Diego, it becomes a boon for the American budget travelers. It may be a little crucial to driving from the U.S. city to Tijuana because the border check can take hours. So here’s a trick to get away with the customs easily. One of the easiest ways to cross the border is via foot, yes, you read that correctly. If you are traveling from California, you can come to Cross Border Xpress (CBX) which is a 390 ft. long pedestrian bridge located at the Otay Mesa area in the southern San Diego. It conveniently connects Tijuana International Airport in Tijuana. You will need the required documents along with a valid passport, and the entry round fare ticket will cost you approximately $30.

It has many pocket-friendly hostels

The city which is known to be one of the most touristic places has tons of affordable pocket-friendly hostels. So in order not to sugarcoat you, you have to be very careful while selecting the ideal place to stay in Tijuana. If you ask why? The city is infamous for theft, and of course, you can’t live in an unsavory area now, would you? Since Avenida Revolución is amongst the best landmarks in the city, you will be surrounded by amazing sights, musical sounds, and most definitely gastronomic food. So, there are no doubts to find many accommodations. Some of the reputed hotels you can rely on are LifeStyle Hostel, Hotel Ticuán, and the Aqua Rio Hotel. However, make sure to make reservations before you make cheap airfare tickets to Tijuana since the cost can soar during tourist seasons.

It is an ideal place to get a Mexican vibe

One of the major crowd pulling attraction in Tijuana is Playas de Tijuana. This beach destination is a few minutes from the city center, and if you want to find out where have all the young travelers have gone to, this is probably the first place to search. Playas de Tijuana is packed with over six beaches each offering a soothing effect and a serene ambiance to party. Besides the beach destination, to get the authentic Mexican vibe, you have got to check out the shopping scene. It features classic outdoor malls and lovely farmers markets. However, one of the first things you’ve got to do is taking a picture with the Monumental Arch. Other amazing places in Tijuana are Centro Cultural Tijuana which is a cultural center, a traditional park called Parque Morelos, and have a thrilling nightlife at Avenida Revolucion and Calle Sexta.

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