Wedding Wishes: How Best to Congratulate On Your Wedding Day

Choosing congratulations is one of the most pleasant wedding tasks. What could be nicer than saying good words to two lovers on such a wonderful occasion?
It is very important to choose the right words to express yourself as best you can.
We have collected tips, as well as examples of congratulations, which will help to cope with this task. Your congratulations will be bright, concise and positive!

Secrets of creating wedding greetings

The first thing to decide is the style of your congratulations. For example, classical, prose or poem, religious or humorous. Choosing what to write in a wedding card
, think how close you are to the newlyweds, what is the theme of the wedding, where the ceremony will take place.

Making An Outline Of Wedding Wishes

Make a plan for wedding greetings. It will help you to express your thoughts better. Like most scenarios, it consists of Intro, Body, and Conclusion. The plan may consist of such points:

  • tell the story of dating with newlyweds,

  • general congratulations,

  • the most special unique words.

What to say at the wedding greeting?

  • Start with a story about how you met the newlyweds and the experience of your relationship.

  • Share your personal thoughts about the secret of a successful marriage.

  • Add a beautiful quote that is close to your soul.

The main is to speak sincerely and with all my heart! It is not necessary to follow this scenario. You can remove or change items, as long as your wedding greeting is sincere.

We offer several examples of wedding greetings for your inspiration!

Traditional Formal Wedding Wishes

The secret is very simple: the wedding message is written in a very positive and short form. The main message is made for a happy future together.

«Today is the happiest day of your family. May from this day you forget about the sorrows live in idyll and harmony!».

«Let your hearts be light from love, and your pockets heavy from money».

«The main support in life is the spouse. I wish you to strengthen the support, thereby extending your life».

«With all my heart I wish you infinite family happiness, sincere understanding, undying love and stable well-being in your home».

«I wish you happiness to the brim. To live life without worries. Peace and love to you».

Religious Wedding Wishes

Writing such greetings is not a difficult task. But they are suitable for very religious couples. If you have not noticed a great interest in religions for a couple, it is better to choose the traditional wedding wishes. Usually, religious wedding greetings include a prayer or quote from the Bible:

«God rewarded you with love, you give him a vow, and this is the main condition, I wish you consent for many years».

«Marriage is support for one soul and hearts, let there be no disputes in the family and the God will give you beautiful children».

«The Lord blesses your marriage from heaven, so let your family descend to your joy».

«Bride, know that you are given a wife as a gift to the husband by the Lord. Always listen to the holy word, be ready to support your husband».

«Husband, take care of the young wife, for the whole life God has given you to her. So that, you can celebrate your gold wedding with her».

Marriage Greetings For A Friend

It is more difficult to write a marriage greeting for a friend than for a relative or religious. In this case, it is important the right words, not too personal, but sincere words:

«Lovely newlyweds! Let your house be a full bowl. Let all be: love, fun, abundance and of course … guests!».

«Dear friend! I want to raise a toast to peace in the whole world and in your house!»

«Love your wife more often. And life will seem sweeter!»

«A happy fate is not blind luck, but the result of prudence and hard work on yourself. May you succeed, my friends!»

«Always light one another with a hot look of passion, a warm word of support, an ardent touch of love.»

«May there be in the house harmony, comfort, love, and understanding,
Let the young family expect success and prosperity!

Wedding Sayings For Brother Or Sister

«In the preparation of congratulations for a brother or sister is very welcome humor and positive. Tell a funny and kind story from your childhood and sincerely wish the young people all the best».

«Everyone would have shed a tear from your big relatives. Brother fell in love, brother married. So is a holiday for the family! I want to wish you happy family life consisted only with victories!»

“My favorite brother, on this day you became not only a happy man but also the head of your family, her support and reliable protector. I wish you always to experience the joy of family happiness, to preserve for many years love and loyalty in your marriage. May your house always be full of laughter from children, wealth, warmth and comfort.».

«Dear sister, I congratulate you and your spouse on this wonderful event. From now on you are a happy husband and wife. I wish you family well-being, eternal romance, sincere feelings, strong love, good health, respect for each other, understanding, joy, home warmth.»

Marriage Congratulations From Parents

It is important for a daughter or son to express how much you are proud of him, and also to give wise parental advice in a wedding greeting. Be sure to officially invite a new son or daughter to your family.

“Dear our daughter and son. Today on your faces we see endless happiness and smiles. So let these smiles never leave your faces, and your happiness will, in fact, become infinite. All the best and brightest in your new, still unexplored, but already such an interesting life!”

“Our dear and beloved children! Today in your life the time has come which happens only once in a lifetime. Remember this day forever and if once it becomes difficult for you, remember how good and joy it was to you today. And then sadness will leave you immediately.”


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