Tips for Automating Your Sales and Marketing Funnel Strategy

If you are a digital marketer involved in building marketing funnels, then you would agree to the fact that things become a lot easier if you decide to automate the process, right?

Well, it is a well established fact that some of the top most SaaS companies of the world are investing in marketing funnel automation.

Marketing funnel automation can be explained in simple worlds as a workflow set up for the purpose of syncing leads with the help of well planned marketing events.

It may sound confusing to many. But the reality is that it is a rather simple process.
Read the article to know more about the major elements of marketing funnel automation.

All About Automated Marketing Funnel:

If you are planning to automate your marketing funnel, then basically you are pre-deciding ways to interact with leads through the diverse stages of nurturing. It is important to take into consideration the needs of your target audience from the moment right from the beginning to optimizing your communications accordingly.

Steps involves in automating the diverse stages of the marketing funnel.

Awareness Stage:

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the leads aren’t really aware that they need a solution, right at the start of the buying process. They might have just come across your site while looking for more important information or one of yours ads got them here.

Thus, be aware of the pain points of the customers.

At the awareness stage you need to come up with targeted ads that will focus on providing relevant information to the target audience. This could simply mean that you are redirecting them to a new video or blog post.

As a result, you move those leads into your funnel for further nurturing.

• Interest Stage:

Once the lead is aware of the problem, the next step has to be searching for detailed information on topic of interest.

The entire focus has to be on nurturing leads with content comings from your company. You can set up automated email workflows for leaving impression of area expertise.

• Evaluation Stage:

If everything is going as per the plan, then evaluation stage would follow. By now your lead will be interested in buying a solution. But before this happens they might try evaluating the various options available. The time duration of this process will depend entirely on the nature of purchase.

The key is to push the value proposition and ROI, when deciding between alternatives. This is where the automated marketing funnel will play a crucial role.

You need to focus on nurturing leads as the value comes from providing assistance in the decision-making process of a probable client.

• Commitment Stage:

Now is the time to help leads to feel certain about their buying decision.

Case study email provides the ultimate solution. These need to showcase a solution similar to the challenges faced by your lead. Many leads might find it tough to trust an automated email. There can be nothing better than adding a human element to it for strengthening customer relationships.

• Sale:
You need to understand that the automated marketing funnel cannot stops at the point of sales. You will have to consider an automated email with after each sale. These will include the “get started” resources.

It is well known fact by now that marketing automation funnel is a powerful tool for the growth of the companies. You need to automate right away as it plays a major role in accelerating the ROI of your marketing funnels.

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