Specialised non-abrasive solar panel cleaning tool in korea

It is possible to remove various pollution of small scale solar power generation facility less than 100kw easily and quickly .It is a highly efficient solar photovoltaic cleaning equipment that can improve the power generation efficiency of solar power plant through cleaning of solar power generation facilities.

Solar Plus is a specialist in solar maintenance.

Here are some examples of solar maintenance

This is an example of roof-top solar power plant cleaning in Incheon area.

First, I’ll show you the module contamination status before the solar washing operation.

This rooftop solar power plant

It was the place where the contamination was serious because of the iron powder.

Because of the iron powder, it was the power plant where the aluminum frame part was also discolored.

Because solar power plants are exposed to the open air,

It is a generation facility that can be easily contaminated and requires periodic management.

At least once or twice a year, you need to do the cleaning work to prevent the reduction of power generation in advance.

It’s a pollution shot taken at a distance from the photovoltaic module.

There are dirt-like parts and dirt-contaminated parts.

This can be produced not only by iron powder but also by dust, fine dust and rainwater.

This pollution hinders solar power generation and reduces power generation.

It can have a bad influence on the development profit.

There is a difference in power generation efficiency after the solar washing

The power generation efficiency will rise by about 10%!

I’ll show you the whole solar power plant.

It is the whole solar power plant appearance after washing.

You can see a really clean solar module

Even with this clean management, you can prevent the lifetime of the photovoltaic module from decreasing.

You can prevent the balance, you must be maintained!

Comparison photo before and after solar washing.

Angle Adjustment

Angle adjustable cleaning tool

It is possible to wash variously according to the angle of solar control panel. Can rotate up to 120 degrees

The angle of the panel differs for each solar power plant. SOLAR SIX is allows users to adjust the angle manually.

solar panel cleaning detergent You can quickly remove the dirt and dust that has been accumulated for a long time to maintain cleanliness. Solar Panel Washing Soap – If snow is on the solar, no more power is generated. Failure to remove the eye may cause panel failure.








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