Readings For Wedding Taken From Bible

Readings For Wedding Taken From Bible
For people of the Christian faith, the bible serves as a manual and ultimate guide to life. One which they will consult on every decision they want to make or to help them through life’s troubles. It is no surprise that they would take Christian wedding readings from it for their special day.
What better way to start a married life than applying a lifelong guide as the bed rock of your marriage. The bible is a book that is as old as time and has splurged out Christian religious wedding readings that has led and guided couples from the times of old. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, the bible has shown that God is love and love is universal.
Picking and writing your own wedding vow is one of the ways that your wedding becomes personal to you. We have sorted through bible passages and compiled popular wedding readings from both the old and new testaments for your big day. But, we will suggest that you let your vicar in on your plan, so that he can veto them and suggest more if need be.
Every church wedding, like the Church of England wedding must have a couple of marriage readings from the Bible. It is also allowed for you to include other readings from quotes and poems you love. There are so many versions of the bible, some with more modern language than the other. It is to consider, that for your vows to make more meaning and be more unique to you, use your own personal bible or that of the church where you will wed.
This Christian guidebook on marriage
One of the most popular wedding passages of all times which is a highlight at all weddings is taken from 1 Corinthians 13:4-13. It talks about what love is in all its forms, it being patient, it being kind, void of envy and pride. This is an amazing passage, it’s one that emphasizes the strength, nature and durability of true love.
Yet, it is common knowledge that there is more to marriage than only love. If love was all marriage needed to survive, we would not have so much divorces today and there would be billions of happily ever after. Religious wedding readings have shown us that above all, successful marriages are built on commitment, teamwork, honesty, faithfulness, accommodation, companionship, forgiveness and faith in God!
Are you planning on having a church wedding? In the Pentecostals, it is easier to pick few Christian wedding readings. But a catholic will be asked to select about three bible readings for the liturgy, one from the old and about two New Testament. One of the New Testament readings must be from the four gospels and the other from any part of the New Testament
The basis of a Christ centered and long lasting marriage is linked to wedding scriptures in the bible. That’s why we have dropped a selection of inspirational verses from both the old and new testaments. We have got you covered with choice bible readings for weddings from all parts of the bible.
• Old testament
Ruth 1:8-11a, 13b-17 (wedding lectionary)
Psalm 118 (wedding lectionary)
Tobit 8
Song of songs 2&8
Proverbs 31:10-31
• New testament
Matthew 5:1-12 (The beatitudes)
John 2:1-11 (For liturgy)
Hebrews 13:1-6
1 Corinthians 12- 13
Revelation 19:1-5

Jewish Wedding Readings
Marriage readings of the Jews are bound strongly to the Talmud and their traditions. The Jewish are either orthodox, reform, secular, Reconstructionist, conservative or possibly other denomination. For the secular Jew, the marriage vows will be sort out from a non-religious Jewish traditions.
The denominational, Reconstructionist and reformed Jew will have the choice to blend in some prayers, readings and Jewish blessings. But for the ultra-orthodox Jew, wedding ceremony readings are limited to only the Talmud and Psalms, while the conservatives read the Torah. Let’s not forget that Jewish wedding vows are bound to well-grounded customs and tradition and the prayers can be very different.
The core and climax of a Jewish ceremony is the Sheva Brachot. It is during this liturgical part of a Jewish ceremony that themes of joy, celebration and the ever potent power of love are made known. These are wedding passages adapted from the scripts of the Talmud (Ketubot 8a). The blessings which are from one to seven beginning with the Kiddush while taking wine and gets more intense in their metaphors and imagery.

Under the Chuppah
It is no surprise that these blessings are seven in number, as the number seven is synonymous with perfection and the days of creation. These marriage readings are replete with wonders of creation, beauty and mysteries of paradise and the hope and yearning for return to Jerusalem. These blessings end with a finale of the entire people present singing, celebrating and praying for the couple. While this is happening, the couple stands under the chuppah which represents a link in the Jewish community chain.
As the ceremony progresses, the seven blessings of Talmud are recited in Hebrew, but may also be read in English. A lot of couples are creative enough to use the word “blessing” to describe the sheva brachot marriage reading. Another unique way to do this is to invite seven friends, each to recite one of the seven blessings. They may also have the blessings sung in Hebrew. While family and friends will recite seven non-traditional blessings in English.
Are you in love with the Jewish customs and wedding passages but don’t know how to go about it. Or you do not know how to read or speak Hebrew? Do not lose hope, because your dreams are still valid and is attainable. The Sheba Brachot English interpretation is everywhere. On the Internet and well stocked bookshops.
Couples these days include both the English and Jewish interpretations of the sheva brachot in their marriage readings. This is so that everyone at the wedding can understand. So, for you who will attend a Jewish wedding soonest or planning to have a Jewish wedding. Read through the 10 compiled Jewish wedding vows and bask in the insight of Jewish romance.
• From the Talmud (Ketubot 8a)
“Blessed art though, O Lord, King of the Universe, who created mirth and joy, bridegroom and bride, gladness, jubilation, dancing, and delight, love and brotherhood, peace and fellowship. Quickly, O Lord our God, may the sound of mirth and joy be heard in the streets of Judah and Jerusalem, the voice of bridegroom and bride, jubilant voices of bridegrooms from their canopies and youths from the feasts of song. Blessed art though, O Lord, who makes the bridegroom rejoice with the bride.*
• Secular interfaith Jewish wedding readings
It is a known fact that Ruth is the first woman to become a convert to Judaism. So, this marriage reading is for women who were not born Jewish or are of another religion but are getting married to a Jew. This is also for people who love the Jewish religion or are new converts.
“From Ruth 1: 16-17
Ruth said: Entreat me not to leave thee, Or to return from following after thee: For whither thou goest, I will go, and where thou lodgest, I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people, And thy God my God. Where thou diest, will I die, And there will I be buried. The Lord do so to me, and more also, If ought but death part thee and me.”
• The sheva brachot (seven blessings recited over wedding wine)
• The Zohar wedding readings
• The seven wedding blessings, new Jewish wedding by Anita Diamant
• Personalized seven blessings
• Secular humanistic Jewish wedding blessings
• Secular seven benedictions
• Jewish blessings for female partners
• Sheva brachot wedding passages for male partners

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