Periodontist Glen Mills PA List out the Signs of Gum Disease

Do you know the potential and hidden signs of gum diseases? Since understanding the signs of gum disease can prevent needless worry and potentially save you both time and money for treatment it is essential to be aware about them.

If you think that bleeding gums are caused by brushing too hard, the truth is that you would have to brush extremely hard to make healthy gums bleed. Periodontist Glen Mills PA lists out the signs of gum disease in which the first symptom is:

  • Bleeding gums when brushing, flossing, or even eating. It is a warning sign of gum disease.
  • Other common symptoms include redness of the gums.
  • If you have swelling on your gum line it is a cause of concern.
  • Most often people ignore bad breath which is the biggest symptom of gum disease.
  • The later signs of advanced gum disease include discharge (pus) between your teeth or gums.
  • There are patients who experience gums that are pulling back or away from your teeth, and even leading to loose teeth.
  • For the smokers the matters are worse as gum disease accelerates more rapidly.

Whether you have one or several of these warning signs, you need to schedule an appointment as soon as possible for a thorough examination and treatment plan for at Periodontist Yardley PA to restore your oral hygiene and good oral health!

For Repeat Root Canals, when at times endodontic treatment, or a root canal, fails you must approach a specialist. An unsuccessful root canal doesn’t mean the first procedure was performed badly, though. The inside of our tooth is filled with tiny canals and nerves, and it can be almost unmanageable to remove all the infection. If you have a persistent toothache following root canal treatment, Periodontist Exton PA can perform a second root canal. A different procedure called an apicoectomy can also help treat unsuccessful root canals. Your periodontist is highly qualified to perform endodontic treatment.

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