Overview of pipe and joint system manufacture in Korea-Leantec

LEANTEC, the true partner of pipe and joint system. Your IDEA is main factor to make from simple table to complex FIFO rack. Our products simply help you to turn your idea into reality. From small parts such as T-nut to large part such as plastic conveyor, our dedicated products will help you providing reliability, hardness, accuracy and simplicity. We care about every parts we are providing so that you can make better structures.

Equipped with full line-up for Lean-products

  • ABS coated pipe / Powdered pipes with various colors
  • Stainless / Aluminum pipes
  • Roller tracks [PLACONs] – 40, 60types and others
  • metal joints manufacturer– Black electro-coated, Nickel & Zinc plated
  • Mounts for roller tracks
  • Casters – Light & Heavy duties
  • Other various accessories

Also, assembling and supplying mobile racks, storage racks, work-stations and trolleys covering wide range of industries.

ABS Coated Pipe

Stainless Steel Pipe, semiconducting Pipe, Slide pipe and antistatic color pipe.  is HSLA steel pipe coated with ABS rosin. This ABS coating prevents the pipes from erosion and it provides wonderful wear and impact resistance. Techno vision ESD Pipe is ABS coated pipe with electricity Discharge capability. In addition to Nickel fitting, it are often used room & ESD sensitive atmosphere.

Stainless / Aluminum pipes

When you’re selecting a conduit material, the alternatives may appear overwhelming each metal and chrome steel are available in a spread of alloys and tempers, every with its own physical and mechanical properties. Every metal has general properties that area unit true for all its alloys

40 type placons with plain wheel with plain wheel

  • product code:MEPL15130024000
  • Track length (mm):4000
  • Load capacity:6kg
  • Track pitch:37mm
  • Finish: galvanized

80 Type Placon with Plain Wheel

  • product code: MEPL15130034000
  • Track length (mm):4000
  • Load capacity:6kg
  • Track pitch:37mm
  • Finish: galvanized

Ball type

Circular ball casters, or plastic ball casters, are ideal for use on furniture, business installations, office gear, and medicinal hardware. Accessible in Windsor collectible, brilliant metal, and splendid chrome completes, with strung stem, grasp ring, hold neck (wood), or best plate fastenings. Utilize these casters on furniture that needs a mid-century or exemplary present day look. Smooth styling, bended surfaces, and great shading contrast, make these casters a creator’s companion. All casters in this arrangement highlight a 2″ polyolefin plastic wheel, which is alright for use on all floors11


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