Moving A Piano: 7 Expert Tips

So piano is your favorite thing at home and you have a scheduled move ahead? You want to move your piano with as much care as it can get. Hiring our Piano movers in Brooklyn NY can help you get rid of the piano moving stress.

But if you want to move your piano in a DIY-style, worry not, we have got you covered. Read our important tips to move your piano safely on your own.

1. Right Equipment

A piano is a huge instrument. The dismantling and reassembly of your piano should be accurate so as so sound right. For this, you need to ensure that you need the right equipment to make your piano moving task easier. You need to check that the following materials are available with you:

  • Heavy Duty Furniture Dollies

  • Blankets to provide the cushioning to the pianos

  • Piano Covers

  • Furniture Straps

  • Tape

  • Work gloves

  • Plastic wrap

  • Heavy duty dolly

  • Weightlifting straps

  • Van Ramp

  • Cardboard pads

  • Upper body strength of at least 4 people

Disassemble your piano. Carefully, wrap your precious piano in blankets. Be cautious while moving around the corners and doorways. Always use a dolly to move your piano. Piano already has wheels but they are very delicate to move to a new location.

2. Prepare your piano for the move

Start with taking the piano legs off the piano and move them separately. Removing the legs avoid the breakage or damage during the move. Make sure to remember the parts after dismantling so that you can be able to assemble again.

3. Go slowly

As Piano is quite delicate, it is advisable to go slow with your move. Be sure to maintain a proper balance which will save both your piano and you from getting hurt. Lead with the bass-key side of the piano if you are moving up or down. Maintain the balance while you move your pianos.

4. Wear a suitable dress for the job

Choose the dress that does not get stuck in the wooden piano. Avoid those loosely fit clothes and long jewelry. Prefer wearing clothes that are comfortable and won’t get caught in any of the gears. Also, make sure to choose shoes that have good soles and provide good traction. For a better grip, wear the gloves.

5. Ask for help

Call up your team of 4 members to move the piano. Make sure you have at least four people to help you out. The two are for lifting the piano and two for guiding and handling the equipment. You can ask for help from your friends and family. It is important to communicate during the piano moving process. Getting in a sync with other members during the move is a must.

6. Load the piano first

If you are loading a piano in a moving truck with other items, make sure the piano goes in first. The deeper it is inside a moving truck, the safer it will be. Strap the piano firmly to the inside of the truck, and place boxes around the piano to support it as the truck drives along roads that could be rocky or bumpy.

7. Learn the route ahead of time

Before you start your piano move, make sure to check the route you’ll be taking. If you are making the move in Brooklyn, you know how tight the walkways are. Make sure to clear away the obstacles beforehand so that your piano moving task can no more be an ordeal for you. Make your piano moving experience easier and smoother.

Piano moving is a hard task to do. If you find it difficult to move a piano on your own, we advise you to hire professional for your delicate and precious belonging.

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