Mana from best resorts near Kumbhalgarh

Mana Hotels: The Best Resort in Kumbhalgarh

Article Title: Mana from best resorts near Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is a little town nestled away in the vast expanse of royal Rajasthan, but what makes it really special is its huge fort palace which has a wall so long it is only second to the greatest wall in the world, The Great Wall of China. This wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort is a 38km long marvel which has given many proud moments with its beauty and grandeur. People from all over the world comes visit this fort and this famous wall with an intention to see one of the biggest marvels built in 15th century. It is amazing because at that time, there were no cranes or heavy construction equipment, yet, it didn’t atop the ambitious architects and builders of that time to materialize this humongous stone structure. And it is only one of the many attractions that Kumbhalgarh has to offer to the visitors. Tourists from all over the world pour in to see this unperturbed little town and all wonderful sightseeing it has to offer and often find them looking for good Resorts near Kumbhalgarh.

There are many hotels that offer accommodation and food in this area, but the best of all is Mana Hotels as it offers so much more. Mana Hotels offers a great lodging in the modern luxury hotel that comes with incredible amenities and delectable food, but the best part is that there are so many activities that are designed to keep the guests engaged in the hotel itself, so that you don’t get bored spending time indoors. These amenities include swimming pool, outdoor sports grounds, a dedicated room for indoor and  board games, mini cinema hall (where food is served too), various competitions like t-shirt painting to engage the children, and many more learning activities and workshops for adults, like pottery and cooking classes. Special champi (traditional head massage), puppet show, cultural programmes like folk songs and dance, DJ nights and rain dance are arranged to be enjoyed by all the guests.

That’s indoors, Mana Hotel also arranges for outdoor activities for its guests. Mana Hotel organizes exclusive Kumbhalgarh sightseeing tour where the tourists get a peek into the real Kumbhalgarh with all its royal heritage and legacy. With the locals having more knowledge about that place than anyone else, Mana Hotels provides people with insight to guide its guests into the glorious past of Kumbhalgarh and take them to the time when Rana Kumbha was the ruler. Not only Kumbhalgarh, but Mana Hotels also cover parts of Ranakpur for trips, the most sought after of which are morning Yoga and evening high tea at Ranakpur Dam, trekking to the Tirthankara Trail, visit to local farmer’s market, exploring the Raika (camel rearing tribe) home, heritage train ride, animal rides and hot air balloon ride.

Mana Hotels is the only hotel that offers such an expansive range of activities and entertainment options to its guests, and with an idyllic location, that too close to the most famous Jain temple in Ranakpur, it is one of the best hotels in Ranakpur to plan a vacation in the lap of nature.

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