Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Blend

Matcha is premium quality green tea powder from Japan which is used for preparing tea, as well as an integral ingredient in recipes. Matcha green tea comes with unique health benefits and it is tea powder in Japan celebrated in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years. Matcha green tea blend is a healthy beverage, endowed with higher Antioxidants than healthy foods like blueberries and spinach.

Moreover Matcha tea is 10 times more powerful as it has nutritional value and antioxidant content of whole tea leaf as compared to just drinking the brewed water like in regular green tea. The high amounts of antioxidants, and in particular the catechins class of antioxidants found in matcha, are wonderful for our health because they significantly reduce free radicals in the body, as well as have potential cancer-fighting properties.

Another significant health benefit of drinking matcha is the high level of Chlorophyll contained in the matcha powder. The Chlorophyll functions to remove toxins from the body. Matcha green tea when blended traditionally is capable of relaxing the mind and body with its amino acid content called L-theanine. Due to the above mentioned health benefits of Matcha Tea is popular in Japan since hundreds of years and is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Today the popularity of Matcha tea has been increasingly growing and it is discovered as health food with infinite health benefits. If you are interested in trying matcha yourself, all you need for preparing the tea is a bamboo whisk (chasen), a tea sifter, a Traditional Matcha Bowl (chawan), warm water, and a tea scoop (chashaku).

Japanese tea sets, typically, come as a set of three or five, which include a tea pot and two or four pieces of tea bowls, correspondingly. When determining which tea bowl’s shape, thickness, and size will suit your need ensure that you know a little about Japanese traditions. Japanese teas are, traditionally, prepared and served on bowls, and the latter’s shape, thickness, and size need to be considered together.

Traditional Match Tea Bowls are taller than wide shape and walls are thick. These are generally, preferred for everyday use and casual tea drinking as they are easier to hold than the other tea bowl styles. Half-circle-shaped or bell-shaped tea bowls that are small in size and matched with tea pots with a straight handle on one side, on the other hand, are a classic choice for the aromatic and high-grade tea like the Matcha. is an e-commerce company with excellence in services and operations along with customer satisfaction. They strive to provide you with amazing shopping experience at

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