Factors Only Competent Pest Control Professionals Have

With so many exterminators in each city, how are we able to choose the most suitable professionals to deal with pest problems at our house?

In this article we take a look a number of factors which can help us filter the best pest control company to do the job for our home.

The factors are as follow:

  • Company background
  • Experience
  • Technical certifications
  • Solving Root Source of Infestation
  • Innovations & Technologies
  • Post termite treatment monitoring

We cover a checklist of traits reliable pest control specialists have. As a guide, here are some pointers:

1. Quoting over the phone: Good pest control companies should not be able to give you quotes over the phone. Fact is, exterminators need to examine and inspect the internal and external factors of your home to determine the root cause of the issue before giving an estimate or a quote. If they are prepared to quote, they are doing it without many vital information that are necessary to do a proper job at the proper pricing.

2. Check what type of chemicals the Company uses. If they answer that all their chemicals are approved and registered by NEA, they can be classified as safe. How they use it comes into play ie, do they follow the label instructions, do they have proper measuring utensils, do they use proper personal safety gear when handling chemicals etc.


Company background

The simplest guide is to find out how many years the company has been in operation.

The next factor is the number of staff in the company. Typically, a team larger than 5 members is a good indicator of the scale of a reliable pest control company.

You can check how skilled are their field staff, such as asking the types of training they had gone through and number of years of experience.



Having extensive pest knowledge is definitely a good guide to how competent the company is.

Check the track record of the company, such as asking:

• Type of work they have completed successfully before

• Type of pests they have dealt with

• Complexity of past projects they have handled previously


Technical Certifications

In Singapore, the pest control professionals are being regulated and certified by National Environment Agency (NEA).

It is important to make sure the pest control service you have hired is carried out by our local National Environment Agency (NEA) certified pest management professionals whom have gone through the technical training program.


Solving Root Source of Infestation

Besides providing the solution to control pests, professionals should be able to identify the root source of infestation such as an ant’s nest, mosquito breeding grounds, rat burrows and bed bugs nesting deep in furniture.

A pest control professional take into account both internal and external environment to determine the root source of infestation. They usually educate their customers key risk areas and actions to prevent future pest infestations.


Innovations & Technologies

Though not a crucial factor in the reliability of the company, a competent pest control company should offer better treatments and control methods to ensure that you get the best.

Innovations with new technology and staying updated with the latest solutions should be seen highly encouraged in the exterminator business.


Post termite treatment monitoring

Pest control companies that are committed and have great work ethics will monitor the results after the job and make sure there are no hiccups. They constantly communicate, educate and recommend useful tips and practices, not just the pest they are treating, but conducting overall home check for safety and assurance.

Post termite treatment requires yearly inspection of the premises to ensure colony management is in order and there is no presence of unidentified pest activity.

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