Expert Tips to Pack your Shoes While Moving your House

When you will start packing for the move, the time to pack your shoes will also come. The packing time for move is the best to de-clutter your old stuff. But when it comes to shoes, we are sometimes not ready to throw away any of the pairs as shoes are life to some.

Regardless of the fact that how many pairs of shoes do you own, it is important to pack all the pairs with care so that they are safe when you move to your new home. Our team of Brooklyn Movers have got you covered if you are looking for the ways to pack your shoes!

You might get tempted to have a big box and put all your shoes into it. We recommend to avoid that. Because you might find your expensive leather shoes got scratched up by your pointed heels. So, it is important to pack all them which will help in easy unpacking too, as you will find every pair placed in perfect order.

Read the following tips on how to smartly packing your shoes before a move:

1. Sort and clean all your shoes

Take all your shoes out from your shoe-rack and start sorting them. Clean all pairs. Ensure they are dry before you make a haul. Air out your leather or athletic shoes. Choose any of the following methods to avoid odor and ensure dryness of your shoes:

  • Put some tea bags inside your shoes

  • Throw in some talcum powder to draw moisture out

  • Spray your shoes with a mix of rubbing alcohol and water

2. Set aside the pair of shoes you’re going to wear on Moving day

After you’ve sorted all your shoe pairs, select a pair that you will wear on the moving day.

Pro tip: Choose the most comfortable and least expensive pair as it can get scratched while moving heavy items, of course. We recommend you to choose sports shoes having tough ankle support which provide good traction and has anti-slip soles.

3. Stuff in crumble paper

Stuff some paper inside your shoes so that their shape doesn’t get spoiled. You love your shoes and don’t want to get them crushed while your move. Either use the packing paper or the socks to stuff in. In any case avoid newspaper, for it can spoil your shoes is the ink transfers.

4. Wrap your shoes in the Packing Paper

Use wrapping paper, tissue paper, or paper towels to pack your shoes and put them to their original shoe-boxes for the move. This way you can protect your shoes from moisture and dust. Avoid using any printed paper or newspapers as they can often leave behind a stain due to their inks.

  • To pack the heels, wrap them in bubble wrap. This will prevent the pointed metal heels from breaking through the cardboard boxes. Bubble wraps can also prevent your heels from breaking.

  • Always pack your shoes in pairs.

  • Always put your heavier shoes first at the bottom in case you consider packing all your shoes in a big box which is a big no-no otherwise.

5. A big No-No to Plastic Bags

Trust us, avoid using plastic bags for your shoes. During the hush-hush of a move, it is likely that the plastic bags tear up with your heeled shoes. Moreover, the shoes can get all smushed up. Investing in good packing techniques will save you from the heartache that you could get on seeing your pairs got damaged.

6. Make use of Shoeboxes as Moving Boxes

Use shoe-boxes to pack your shoes. They will keep your shoes safe from moisture and getting dents during the move. Use clean and sturdy same sized boxes so that you can recognize when you reach your new home and search for the shoes to wear.

After you have packed your shoes in the boxes, don’t forget to label them using the marker so that you can find them easy when needed.

Considering the above tips will make your shoe-packing task easy and can help you save your expensive shoes from being getting damaged during the giant move.

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