College freshman advice

For most freshmen, beginning of college comes with a complete new set of independence, hopefulness and a sheer new streak of enthusiasm. Despite all these positives, there are the most common pitfalls that can plague freshman students. Likelihood is that you would not be prepared to avoid many such situations; but, simply knowing they’re coming to you might assist you so as to address them.

New college, new people, and a whole new journey. The freshmen year comes with his own volcano of emotions and struggles. To be able to make you well prepared in advance, we have tried to acknowledge these problems. We’ve highlighted the most frequent issues that freshmen face once they get into their alma mater.

  • Roommate problems

Matching roommates as per their compatibility is one among the toughest jobs anyone may encounter. Students face issues like not being used to share their rooms with people or even their personal space for that matter. This transition seems to be a tad bit troublesome for many. Inspite of all these new feelings, what stands apart is the fact that this amalgamation enables you to be able to learn to navigate living with somebody.

  • Loneliness and nostalgia

Embrace this sensation knowing you took a giant step into adulthood, you took a giant step into your future. This is the time when you will be nurturing yourself. Call home on regular basis but try to resist the temptation to travel home back and forth. This would definitely hamper your studies. And always remember the more often you travel home, the tougher it gets to come back.”

  • Missing lectures

Missing lectures has proved to be one of the major reasons why students fail courses. With the achievement of brand-new freedom that these student experience, freshmen tend to deviate from their path. They start neglecting studies and prioritizing enjoyment. As a result of which, they start falling back in academics. And hence the result- Not being able to clear examinations.

  • Academic Load

Just after leaving the high school and coming to college, students tend to comparatively feel a work pressure. It usually gets difficult for them to manage the academic pressure that comes along personal transition of getting into adulthood. Getting themselves acquainted with academic scenario comprising of constant projects, assignments and tests. This pressure often make students looking for online assignment writing help to share their burden of loads of assignments, essays and projects.

  • Changing mindset

Once a person starts experiencing transition in his lifestyle, he starts growing in a way or the other. The way he thinks, behaves or even conducts himself changes with the process of time. It is extremely important for a person to accept those changes with time and align themselves for their own self.

  • Socialization

Never forget to keep yourself engrossed into some extra-curricular activity. No matter if your interest revolves around some aerobic activity, technical skills, painting, writing, self-expression anything. Keep yourself indulge into something more than your regular classes. This would not make you a happier person but will develop the feeling of self-confidence within you. Look for people sharing common sets of interests so as to grow along with them. Get yourself surrounded by motivating and positive people.

Having been through this transition phase, I myself understand the volcano of emotions that one faces during this time. But I am quite sure, if one is well prepared, one can face ant challenge that comes in his way. Wishing you all the luck for your future endeavour.


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