20 Tips to Optimize Your Content and Be on The First Page of Google

In SEO, we all had the opportunity to read articles that talk about optimizing the content of a website. Here are my own recipes.

  1. Refresh your existing content

This is the first tip to follow! Your website is not only for the user, but also for search engines.

Know that rich and original content is only the most important criteria for search engines, especially Google, which seeks to be the largest source of information in the world.

The criteria to be respected will be classified under 2 categories:

For the user:

  • Rich and interesting content,
  • Content in paragraphs with attractive little titles,
  • Beautiful imagery,
  • Good ergonomics,
  • Clear links so that the user can easily find what he is looking for.

For search engines:  

  • Rich and relatively large content,
  • Original and unique content (not duplicated or copied from other websites),
  • Presence of the “H” tags,
  • Optimization of titles and descriptions on each page and content optimization will be very useful to rank on search engines.
  • Total consistency between titles, descriptions and page content,
  • Well optimized pictures (do not forget the ALT attributes).
  1. Create a blog

If your site does not already have a blog, you should do it now. The blog on your site will ensure, on the one hand, a constant flow of new content and on the other hand it will allow you to better practice the strategy of the long tail to allow you to position your website on as many words as possible.

  1. Infographics and figures

Numbers have always been the key to gaining consumer confidence. Infographics have always been a great way to present information in an attractive form. They are perfect for improving the reputation of your site, they generate traffic and earn you links. It’s a quick and easy way to disseminate information.

  1. “Checklist” – Checklists

The checklist is part of the content. In the form of checkboxes or drop-down lists. Very simple way to fill a document, in addition, these lists help us to remember all the important information or the necessary steps of a procedure.

  1. Printable documents

You can add to the pages of your site the possibility of printing or converting to PDF. For a customer, it’s very convenient!

  1. Interviews – Quiz

Opt for interviews and Quiz, it works on social networks as well as blogs! You will have an amazing comeback if you manage to ask the right questions.

  1. White Papers – in English

These are long articles that aim to convey the maximum of information, knowledge and expertise. It should be noted that this type of document targets a very specialized and narrow audience

Example: “the guide of the auto-entrepreneur”

  1. Videos

Great way to attract and retain a large audience. They should include a transcript so that Google can understand the content of the videos.

  1. Chronology

As we all know, chronology means the progression of something or an event in time. The surfer finds it very pleasant to read information as if he was reading a historical novel.

It also helps to better understand the content of your page, memorize it and share it.

  1. Baits of the ego!

We all love when people say nice things about us or when they introduce us as experts! Many people will share content in which they are presented or just mentioned.

  1. Answer people’s questions and comments

Do not let your articles stagnate. Always answer questions and comments from users on your blog or social networks.

  1. Organize a contest

If you create a travel photography contest or a cooking contest and recipes etc … This will allow you, on the one hand, gather information about users for your marketing campaigns, and on the other hand, the contests will allow you to create original content through your users.

  1. Create annotated maps (map)

Annotated maps are more relevant to some companies / industries than others, but they can be a very useful resource for users.

  1. Enjoy events and news

“The ten tips that have made Google the Internet giant”: with an article with this title, be sure that 90% of readers would not miss it! This type of content focuses on important news topics that are sensitive to attracting users.

  1. Day in the life!

It is always interesting to read what other people can live on a daily basis, whether they are from the same sector of activity or belonging to other professions!

It is very likely that people share this type of articles because it is simply funny, or because it encourages (or discourages) someone who wants to do your job.

  1. News and current affairs

These are not standard press releases here! Rather, it’s about adding a “News” section on your site that provides the latest news from your industry, mostly targeting “hot topics” traffic

  1. Practical guide: the magic expression “How to”

“How” is the magic phrase or word typed around 400,000,000 (four hundred million) times a month. Already, this article begins with “how”!

  1. Regular features, characteristics or features

As in the world of the press and travel, make a column or a part of your page which represents, in a regular way (ex: a fixed day in the week), a peculiarity which can interest people as creating a section “heart stroke”.

  1. Newsletter e-mail- newsletters

It is true that the sending of newsletters has become out of date, but always keeps strong points that can serve you in your marketing strategy. Ex: people who sign up for your newsletters, are interested in receiving news of your products / services. It allows you to have a large database of potential customers. It’s a good way to drive traffic, share and showcase your brand.

  1. Experience / Research

Be noticed and stand out! Conduct your own experiences on relevant topics in your industry, then publish and promote the results.


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